Landlord/Tenant Law

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Serving as a landlord often provides lucrative opportunities, but it is also fraught with challenges. Additionally, renting or leasing real estate as a tenant grants certain rights that need to be upheld.

As legal issues in Florida involving landlord/tenant relationships can include a number of variables, it pays to have a lawyer on your side who understands the complexities involved in contracts and property rights. At Lenoir Law, we take great pride in providing landlord/tenant law services in:

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About our Landlord/Tenant Law Team

The Lenoir Law firm has been providing landlord/tenant law services to property owners and renters since 2006. We are known in the communities of Florida as a trusted source for legal solutions in protecting the rights of property owners. Our team can also provide renters with a partner to rely on in difficult legal situations.

What is Involved in Landlord/Tenant Law?

Landlord/tenant law in Florida involves working through the various processes of renting and leasing real estate. Both property owners and renters are granted special rights by the state, and each party must meet its obligations in order to avoid conflict. If such a conflict arises, legal remedies are available, including the potential for taking the case to court.

A Look at the Numbers

  • Landlords must serve tenants with a written notice providing three days to supply unpaid rent before eviction proceedings can begin
  • Tenants in Florida have the legal right to use the rented property
  • Landlords must ensure that rented dwellings have access to hot water, heating, and other necessities

Landlord/Tenant Law FAQ

If a property goes into foreclosure while rented, the renter may need to be listed as an interested party to the action if more time is required to find a new dwelling.

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